Hello All! I am a storyteller striving to create original content through the mediums of comics and animation. I love making and creating many different things ranging from concept art, to comics, to costumes, and of course animation videos from rough to polished. 

I current am producing three projects: Rocket Lobster, Flutter, and Mongrel. I also have other projects archived away who's concept art you are welcome to browse through.

For early access to content as well as exclusive content please support me on Patreon. 

Important Updates

Rocket Lobster Volume 2! Updates regularly on Saturdays
RL_Volume 2_000.jpg

"Rocket Lobster" is an action adventure comic set in a broken future that has been ravaged by rising sea levels.

Available on Tapas 

Flutter Volume 1! Updates regularly on Saturdays
Flutter_Volume 1_000.jpg

"Flutter" is a tale of intertwining love stories that centers around a moth named Marcello and a butterfly named Lon.

Available on Tapas 

Phone: 415.967.1730
Mongrel Volume 1! Updates regularly on Saturdays

 "Mongrel" is a story of survival set on the back of a motorcycle on the empty highways of the middle of no where. 

Available on Tapas 

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