Costumes & Cosplays

Christmas Harley Quinn - December 2019
Vampire Ball - November 2019
Creature Weekend - Renfaire 2019
Masquerade - Renfaire 2019
Soul Eater - Crunchyroll 2019
My Hero Academia Maids - Crunchyroll Expo 2019
Hinata & Kenma - Crunchyroll Expo 2019
Taako from TV - SVCC 2019
Robin (Carrie Kelley) - SVCC 2019
Venom/Eddie Brock - SVCC 2019
Fantasy AU Kirishima & Bakugou - Fanime 2019
Hero Costume Kirishima & Bakugou - Fanime 2019
Princess Prom Catra & Scorpia - Fanime 2019
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy - Fanime 2019
Vampire Tea Party - April 2019
Cecropia Moth - Halloween 2018
Kirishima & Bakugou X3 - Crunchyroll Expo 2018

Three different KirriBaku cosplays in one con: Fantasy  AU, Halloween, and Casual.

Rocky & Victoria - SFCC 2018

These costumes where made from my own pattern and are the protagonist & antagonist of my own original comic. 

Kirishima & Bakugou  - Fanime 2018

I did not have a hand in fabricating any part of this cosplay, it was simply for fun. The first seven photos were taken by the talented Toshi Studios, you can see more of their work here‚Äč.

The Batman Family - SVCC 2017

This cosplay group consisted of a total of six costumes made by Shaina Fender: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Batman Beyond, and Red Hood. All six were hand crafted, some elements of the costumes were purchased to be used a base material, 

Steam Punk Catwoman - SVCC 2016

This cosplay consisted more of store bought element than some of my other costumes. However elements like the hat where hand made and elements like the goggles were customized. 

Harley Quinn - Big Wow 2015

Accessory elements like the hat, neck collar, and the mallet were hand made. Elements like the gloves and dress were modified.