"Justice!?" She scoffed, "sounds more like vengeance."

    From where he stood he could hear her move across the rocky terrain of the cave but she remained concealed by shadows.

    "Perhaps it is." He replied bluntly. "But it is in the name of love for my family, is that not a noble cause?"

    "Noble?" She choked the word out with a laugh that echoed off the cave walls and met the spell casters ears from all sides.

    Her laugh subsided and a chilling silence feel before she spoke again. "Let me tell you a story spell-caster of a once great beast, a dragon as strong and as ruthless as they come. This dragon was cut from the finest traits of his breed and was worshiped like a king. The odds where in his favor. Till one day, he fell in love with a human maiden. She was young and beautiful always dressed in clothes made of silk. But to humans dragons were monsters, fowl creatures that steal treasure and kill children. He knew his scaly form would not win her over. So he sought council with a witch who would sell him a new form in exchange for his soul all to win the love of that maiden."

    She began circling around him, still keeping to the darkness as the venom in her voice became more prevalent, "The witch was moved by his pleas, granting his wish she twisted his body and broke his form into that of a human. And off he went, to win a blushing bride, and win her he did. But fate can be cruel and witches can be crueler. You see this story doesn't end at the wedding day."

    She stopped in her tracks roughly twelve feet in front of him, her silhouette barely discernible. "The couple conceived a child, a wretched little mongrel. For you see even though the once proud beast now appeared human, human he was not, and his child," she slowly stepped forward, "was born with horns and scales," stepping closer to the light revealing her appearance little by little as the purple scales on her limbs and face came into view, her head crowned by a large horn over each ear, "claws and a tail." The sound of her claws scraping on the stone grew in resonance as she drew closer.  

    "The no longer blushing bride was horrified by the revelation of her husbands secret and attempted to kill both him and the child who was now a testimony to the ugly truth." She turned to exposed a large jagged scar trailing down the left side of her body as she circled around him one more time.

  "The broken hollow form of the former dragon set out to blame the witch for her treachery and the loss of his lover. While the devastated bride fled as far as she could to hopefully escape the reality that haunted her. And the child, was left to die in the wilderness."

    She stopped in front of him. "That beast was my father and that bride was my mother."

   She rose to face him and as her body unfolded he became very aware of just how dangerous of a presence she held. Standing about a head taller than himself her amber eyes flickered in the faint light and locked with his own. "So tell me, dear spell-caster, exactly what nobility is there in love?"